Why should you join NAQAP?

Without a doubt, the most significant benefit of becoming a NAQAP member is the ability to take full advantage of our highly effective networking and advocacy programs.

The NAQAP platform includes direct providers, ancillary healthcare providers and an extensive network of experts to support our members’ individual and/or collective needs. This gives NAQAP the networking capabilities to introduce members to other members to bring about lasting solutions and also to explore larger issues that could affect a significant portion of our widespread base. 

In addition, NAQAP strongly supports its members through advocacy. NAQAP has extensive experience in developing advocacy strategies at the national, state and local levels, which means that members can receive guidance on how to best use our advocacy capabilities so that they are at an advantage when crucial healthcare changes are implemented. Now more than ever, particularly in today’s volatile healthcare environment, our advocacy expertise is critical.  

NAQAP members also have preferred access to aggregated information impacting their organization, have the ability to request information and referrals from members, and are invited to attend critical educational and/or informational sessions.

You will also be kept up-to-the-minute on the latest industry trends and innovations, including:

  • New approaches to engagement with ancillary healthcare providers by healthcare systems across the country
  • Data and technology and their implications for ancillary healthcare providers
  • Trends in population health
  • Tax implications
  • Emerging certifications

Membership Levels

Ancillary Provider Membership

Annual Dues: $600

Open to all persons, entities and business organizations currently in the acute/post acute care continuum. Such Members shall be entitled to all benefits of membership, including access to the network of experts in a variety of professional and business fields, access to information and data shared among Members, and discounts to the educational presentations conducted by the Association.

Direct Provider Membership

Annual Dues: $600

Reserved for  Direct Providers including Acute Care Facilities (Hospitals), Subacute Care Facilities (Skilled Nursing Facilities) and Residential facilities.

Direct Provider Members shall be entitled to benefits of membership as set forth by the Board.


Affiliate Membership

Annual Dues: $600

Offered only to Governmental, Academic and Patients’ Rights Associations with interest in the healthcare provider field.

Founders and Board of Governors

Annual Dues: $12,500

Reserved for approximately fifteen (15) persons, entities, or business organizations interested in assuming an active role in facilitating, establishing, implementing and maintaining policies, programs, and governance of the Association. Founding Members are entitled to all benefits of membership and assume an advisory role to the Board and a leadership role with the Association. Founding Members are active advocates on behalf of ancillary providers at the local, state and federal government levels.