Welcome to NAQAP, the National Association of Ancillary Providers

As all of us in healthcare know, the healthcare industry is changing — rapidly. For ancillary healthcare providers, this means a new and ever-shifting business environment in which to compete. For this reason, NAQAP was formed as a transformational advocacy association for ancillary providers.

Our Mission

NAQAP will serve our members through advocacy and education, as well as become a valuable platform allowing members to connect with other ancillary healthcare providers, payers, direct providers, and government and academic institutions. In addition, NAQAP will enable our members to better refine their roles in the ever-changing healthcare delivery system.

Our Focus:

NAQAP is focused on six major areas:


When healthcare changes occur, we ensure that ancillary providers are included in the discussion along with providers, payers and government and academic institutions.


We keep our members abreast of crucial changes in healthcare regulations, partnerships and payments and how these might affect their organizations.

Training and CEU

Responding to the specific needs and technical requirements of our members, we provide highly relevant training, education and certification.


We ensure that we are a vocal, recognized part of the accelerating shift in healthcare from volume to value-based care and reimbursement.


We enable ancillary providers to capitalize on technology trends, the expansion of integrated data systems and the application of insights emerging from that data. 


To enhance value for our members, we provide extensive networking opportunities and the ability to share business expertise.

At NAQAP, we firmly believe that working together to better understand the issues affecting our industry will help all of us adapt to today’s healthcare reform and benefit from new reimbursement models.

Networking is a key component of this collaboration. Consequently, NAQAP will hold networking sessions throughout the year with the purpose of understanding common problems, finding lasting solutions and developing potential business partners.